Why choose PIPS?

We encourage you to visit our magnificent institute, inspect our facilities, talk with staff/ faculty, meet members of the faculty, and discover why PIPS should be your first choice. Our motive is to provide professional and high-quality education and prepare our graduates for the upcoming challenges in the healthcare system. Our faculty is eminently qualified and committed to providing students with the essential academic, professional, and personal skills required for competing in today’s challenging employment environment. In addition to teaching and mentoring students, our faculty members prove to be avid consumers as well as producers of research helping them stay current in their academic disciplines.

Program: Pharm D

Pharm. D is an undergraduate five-year degree program for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of health and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students with a medical background can opt for this degree fulfilling the admission criteria. During their stay at PIPS, the students study various subjects and go through practical training to qualify for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy. This degree is recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and is widely accepted nationally and internationally. The graduates can fill the increasing demand for retail, Hospital, and Industrial pharmacists and they can
join the government and research organizations.

Program: Pharm B

The Pharm B program at PIPS is a two-year intensive program designed to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to excel as pharmacy technicians. This program is ideal for individuals seeking a fast-paced and rewarding career in the dynamic field of pharmacy. Graduates of the Pharm B program are qualified for a wide range of positions in retail pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Gain practical experience through our comprehensive laboratory sessions, where you’ll learn essential pharmacy techniques and develop your dispensing skills under the guidance of our expert instructors. You’ll learn from a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are passionate about pharmacy education and committed to your success.

Fee Structure 2024 (SEMESTER ProGRAM)


5 Year Program

StructuresSemester System
Tuition FeeRs. 125000 / Semester
Admission FeeRs. 25000 (1st time only)
TotalRs. 150000
Fee Structure 2024 (ANNUAL PROGRAM)


2 Year Program

StructuresAnnual System
Tuition FeeRs. 110000
Admission Feex
TotalRs. 110000