The library has got a vast collection of literature in the field in which PIPS offers admissions in the current academic year equipped with an up to-date and latest printed and recorded information which is easily and instantly accessible to the students and faculty The library has specialized reading and computer section.It is fully computerized decorated with the most recent editions and journals and has the facility of Audio-visuals like computers, Multimedia, Slides, DVDs & CDs in related field.


Students Counseling

It is a common observation that students during the course of studies experience problems related to their studies. If these problems are not solved in time, it may affect their physical & mental health but due to a number of reasons these students hesitate to seek help leading to develop a gap between a problem & its solution. The faculty of this institution encourages the students to come up with their problems, discuss them and find a way out.


Self-Learning tutorials

The student will be divided into groups and will be assigned different topics related to academic and community problems. They will have to prepare these topics under supervision and guidance of the faculty and present in the seminars and tutorials. The practice helps in self-learning process and develops confidence amongst the students.


Medicinal Garden

Our college developed medicinal plants garden this year. The role of this garden is to increase students knowledge and understanding of the value and importance of medicinal plants. For the cure of different human diseases, parts stem, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, extracts and oils of certain plants including herbs, shrubs and tree have been used for centuries. The plants used in traditional medicine offer great reservoir for the discovery of new compounds having potential activity against many of prevailing diseases of this age.


Conductions of Seminar

Seminar is generally a form of academic instruction either at an academic institution or offered by commercial or professional organization. In “Pakistan institute of professional studies” PIPS, a variety of seminar were conducted and given by students during the past year. Seminar are supposed to be the best source of sharing ideas. Knowledge and research based works, so as to inform the people about the importance of any specific topic.


Learning Centre Resources

The center is established to coordinate the activities (both teaching and laboratory assignments) of the concerned department of the institution. The center helps the students in the teaching program and laboratory training in a way that they are exposed to the latest trends and techniques.