In the coming decades, pharmacists are expected to become more integral within the health care system. Rather than simply dispensing medication, pharmacists will be paid for their cognitive skills. This paradigm shift has already commenced in some countries. For instance, pharmacists in Australia receive remuneration from the Australian Government for conducting comprehensive Home Medicines Reviews. Many universities are altering their programs to increase emphasis in fields such as management etc. in Great Britain, pharmacists who undertake additional training are obtaining prescribing rights.
Practice of pharmacy means the responsibility for interpreting & evaluation drug orders including prescription orders, compounding, dispensing & labeling prescription drugs & devices properly & safely storing drugs & devices, maintaining proper records & controlling pharmacy goods & services. A pharmacists may advise & educate patients & health care providers concerning therapeutic values, content, uses & significant problems of drugs & devices, access, record & report adverse drug & device reactions, take & record patient histories relating to drug & device therapy monitor, record & report drug therapy & device. Usage, perform drug utilization reviews & participate in drug & drug source selection. A pharmacist who has received special training may be authorized & permitted to administer drugs pursuant to a specific prescription order in accordance with rules adopted by Government of Pakistan. The rules shall be designed to ensure the safety & health of the patients for whom such drugs are administered. An approval clinical pharmacist practitioner may collaborate with physicians in determining the appropriate health care for a patient.
Pharmacists are qualified health professional & are known as drug experts. Recently pharmacy council of Pakistan has allowed to use prefix “Dr.” with the name, for those having Pharma-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) Degree. Pharmacy graduates provide advice to patients, doctors & nurses ensuring that medicines are used appropriately, safely & effectively. The community pharmacist’s vital role includes reviewing treatments & monitoring how patients take their medicines. Pharmacists distribute prescription drugs to customers & also ensure prescription, as well as side effects & drug interactions. Manufacturing of medicines, a career in pharmacy offers many advantages including an excellent salary, an abundance of job opportunities & the satisfaction of helping people on daily basis.

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