Covid 19 Guidelines: On campus SOPs for students

General guidelines for safety and hygiene in public spaces:

  • Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers are recommended. Students are encouraged to make use of sanitizers placed around the campuses and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • All kinds of physical contact – hugging, high fives and shaking hands must be avoided.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 3-6 feet with other individuals.
  • Keep your face covered at crowded places.
  • Do not share food and drinks.
  • Advanced booking/appointments must be made by the students to avoid rush outside faculty and administrative offices.

While entering the campus:

  • Entry to either of the campuses without a face mask will be denied.
  • Avoid entering in groups. Students entering on foot should maintain a distance of 3-6 feet with one another.

For Classrooms, Cafeteria, Prayer Area, Student Centre, and Library:

  • Signage indicating number of persons allowed inside are prominently displayed at the entrance. Students must follow the instructions on the signage placed at the entrance of the cafeteria and not force their way in. No extra persons will be allowed entry once the maximum capacity is reached.
  • Removal of mask is permitted only for the duration of meals, but it must be put back on soon after the meal is over.
  • If the cafeteria is at full capacity, students must not try and enter. They must wait patiently for their turn to enter or use another cafeteria.
  • Students must avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces as much as possible. Immediately after adjusting their chairs or tables before eating their meals, students are requested to sanitize their hands.
  • Do not crowd inside the Prayer Area.
  • There will be multiple congregations (jamaat) during each prayer time.
  • Maintain social distancing protocol when offering prayers.
  • The prayer area will be disinfected regularly. However, ideally, the students should carry their own prayer mat.

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